10/24/2015 05:22:00 pm

Write a letter to yourself in 5 years. [Blogtober]

This was planned for Wednesday, but I decided to write something else and do this today instead.
Dear N (rotate the letter Z 90 degrees and that's my initial),

How are you? Okay, that's a really boring way to start. But I really want to know, how am I in five years' time? you're 20 now, probably and hopefully in university. Did you get into your dream university, Soka U? If you didn't, it's alright. Meet any good friends? You probably went to JC after 10 years of homeschooling. How was the experience then?

Are the brothers still as annoying as ever? I really hope they've matured. Not totally, because we both it's not possible, but at least a bit. Maybe they have girlfriends whom I can finally tease them with *evil smirk*. How's the family? I really want to know now...

Have you received your ATCL Piano diploma? Are you still in the MUN circuit? Won a couple more awards, chaired some conferences? Have you watched Arsenal live, at Emirates? Wonder who's the manager and who's still in the team. 5 years is a long time.. I hope Sanchez stayed. Even if he went to another club, hope it's not in the Premier League. Are you officially part of a football team?

What about the friends, are you still in contact with them? I really hope so, some of them are really great friends and I'd hate to think we became strangers. 

Are you still blogging? You'd better be. If you're not, I'll have my dear readers comment like crazy in five years time, and you'll receive dozens of email notifications, to remind you to blog. 

No matter what you are doing right now, I'll still support whatever you do. Because that's your decision, and you are me.  I have so many more things to ask you, but somehow it doesn't feel right typing it all here. Maybe some people will know some things I don't want them to, so I'll filter it. 

I have no idea how being 20 feels like. Would you mind explaining to me? Are you stressed in uni, or having the time of your life? Is there a someone? Do I know him? 

Despite what's happening in your life now, ups or downs, remember what I am going to say now: cherish the present. Really. I cannot stress so much. Whatever decisions you make in life, there's always going to be a way. What's more important is that you fully live your life. You're never going to be 20. My 15-year old life is almost ending, and I'm rather pleased with what I've accomplished. 

When you feel like you don't wanna die but you don't feel like living either, I do sometimes too. Talk to a friend. I don't know who you're close with now, but 5 years ago, I had a really good friend whom I could depend on and talk about anything. Despite the distance, there was technology, and I really thank that person. Speaking about this friend, you'd better have kept in contact with this friend. If not, do it right after you read this letter.

This something you've not been very good at when you were younger, N. You have great friends, but you just let them slip away. I hope you've been better at keeping in contact with these friends. Keep not just memories, but people you share them with too. I genuinely hope you have someone you can fall back on, day in day out, a good friend. Spend time together and create memories. You only live once, remember. 

I also hope you've been keeping hold of your faith. It took me a longer time to realise, but it is something that we should treasure more, something we should trust when we fall. 

Always, be yourself. And have hope no matter what happens.

i'd love if you could continue writing letters to your past and future self, preferably handwritten.

Yours always, 


  1. Interesting letter and if You're twenty year old self is not blogging I will totally send her an email.


    1. Thanks haha, I'll be grateful for your reminder if I'm not blogging anymore!

  2. Ah I love these letters. I hope you hold on to your good friends for the next 5 years. And I'm sure you'll make some new ones too x

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Ah I really do hope so... did you ever write these kind of letters to your future/past self?


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