10/04/2015 10:55:00 pm

This Week I.. [Blogtober]

Photo from tumblr, text by me.

Does it mean the week that has passed, or the upcoming week?

... Spent a lot of time 'renovating' and 'redesigning' my blog (if you were the few who have seen the previous one you could tell, it's a vast difference), and actually started to 'socialise' with some other bloggers, thanks to Teenage Blogger Central.

This is one of their many cool and stylish badges (buttons)
If you're a blogger and a teenager, I would highly recommend you to check the website out. The name explains what it does - it's like a centralised website where teens can 'register' their blogs and browse others'.

.... Followed, commented and read a lot of blog posts. Which reminds me,

.... Read a lot of great posts:

Annnd this is the 90th post! Can't believe it.

Gonna go sleep, am drained. 

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