10/27/2015 03:10:00 pm

Throwback Tuesday: A Halloween Memory [Blogtober]

Photo and text mine
If one asked me to tell him/her about my favourite halloween memory... it would be when I was 11. I went as a vampire (how original), with a white shirt, shorts, a black cape and some white and red powder (I forgot what exactly it was).

One of my good childhood friends (then) hosted a halloween party. It was probably my first one. We played a couple of games and went trick-or-treating. Seeing all those people walking around in their costumes, some houses with awesome decorations and such.

I remember one house was completely owner-less, just this open gate with halloween decorations with a path leading to the front door. I think it was closed, but the owner had a sign telling us to take the candy, but not too much which was put in a bowl on a stand on the porch.

Amazing looking and eating food

A couple of friends
Going into the 'haunted house' aka one of the decorated houses
It was a really fun and interesting night.

Do you have any special or favourite memories of Halloween?

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  1. I don't really have any favorite halloween memories.


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