10/07/2015 07:30:00 pm

Petrichor [Word of the Day]

Am I the only one who's utterly in love with this smell?

Unlike the previous word of the day, this one is an 'official' one, it's in Oxford dictionaryCollins dictionary, etc.

Back to the word. 

If there was a scent or something where the smell is liquified and put in a bottle, I would definitely buy it. 

It's that fresh, clean smell that refreshes the physical and mental state of humans.

I did some (light) research and found out the reason for the smell: 



Also, smithsonianmag.com has a more detailed scientific explanation of the same topic.

I chose this photo instead of many others on google mostly because it's the one I saved into my computer awhile ago, and also that's the after-the-rain scene that matches the text.


  1. This is my favourite smell. :)

    1. Mine too! If only stores sold this kind fo scent... and also the smell for old books.


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