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Make It Happen

This name and idea was taken from Envy at Lost In Translation. I once had a bucket list that was published on this blog, but a lot of items on the list were rather far fetched and hard to achieve in a day-to-day basis. So here's a list -not a bucket list, mind you- but a Make It Happen list, which I can achieve.
1. Re-enact a photo from childhood with another (or more) person.
2. Play Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D major with another person.
3. Learn to play cello.
4. Write a proper song, lyrics and melody and accompaniment.
5. Attend an overseas MUN conference
6. Play in the rain
7. Stay up the whole night just to watch the sunrise.
8. Sponsor a child
9. Watch a movie (fully) in a language I don't understand
10. Write a letter to someone I look up to
11. Find someone with the same name as me. Exactly the same name.
12. Volunteer abroad
13. Buy food/drink for a stranger
14. Complete a 1000+ Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
15. Wear and own a school shirt of another school
16. Go to Soka Gakkai headquarters in Japan
17. Go on a photography day
18. Meet an internet/blogger friend
19. Go on a cruise
20. Do a photo shoot
21. Play hide and seek in Ikea
22. Ride in a hot air balloon
23. Stay up all night talking to friends
24. Re-enact a music video/part of a movie and film it.
25. Snow!
26. Have matching costumes with a friend/friends
27. Carve my name into a tree
28. Play messy twister
29. Stargazing
30. Try a new ice cream flavour
31. Make a melted crayon art
32. Send a letter to a random address
33. Do blackout poetry
34. Get a portrait of a stranger.
35. Time lapse a sunrise/sunset
36. Visit a US state/national park
37.  Timelapse a sunrise/sunset
38. Try to do long exposure
39. Run a marathon
40. Go on a road trip with friends
41. On top of mountains, beneath the stars

To Go Places:
(Disclaimer: photo itself not mine, sourced through google)

December 2016 and June 2017


  1. It's so great to see you made your own list! I wish you all the best, may you cross all items off your list in the years to come!

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation


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