10/17/2015 10:37:00 pm

Feel... exposed?!?

Over some time, I had discovered that certain friends of mine [different groups] was reading my blog. *cue mixed feelings*

I mean, it's great that people are reading my blog, yeah. The surprise that comes with it though, when they just bring it up in a conversation, I can't really describe it. It's neither a good or bad feeling. t's just that awkward moment when you realised that they were one (or more) of the 3215 pageviewers. Furthermore, they weren't those who commented on my blog, or even liked the Facebook sharing that I often did, to show their presence, to give me a form of warning that they read my blog. It just comes as a surprise, that's all.

Somehow, having people who personally know me read my blog is a somewhat more uncomfortable, awkward realisation than having people who don't know me at all read my blog. Maybe it's because my blog is where most of my feelings are found, and because I don't actually speak my mind often and to many people, them reading my blog feels like I'm being... exposed? Is that the correct term to use, even I did nothing wrong.

Despite all this, please and do continue to drop by. Just, if you don't mind, drop me a comment telling me who you are or something, so that next time you hold a conversation, and my blog becomes the topic, I won't be so surprised. You know. And I really want to know what you think about what I wrote about.


  1. When I started my blog I didn't want anyone I personally knew to know about it. Eventually they did, and it got me into a little bit of trouble (because of some of the honest opinions I'd written) but that was besides the point. I just felt so completely overexposed because some of the revelations on my blog were completely private, too honest and a little humiliating. Either way, I'm over that now, and I should be proud of this documentation of honest opinions. Maybe readers are just a side-effect of writing, and their job really is to judge. I think you're brave to put yourself in this vulnerable position.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I'm proud of you overcoming that hurdle. To be honest I don't think I was brave like what you said, because I didn't really imagine so many people, especially those I knew personally, to come and read my blog in the first place. But thank you, for constantly reading my posts and commenting on what you think, I really really appreciate it!

  2. Hey there, Zelus! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog earlier and following ^^ You have such a sweet little thing here. I've made sure to return the favor.

    Like M above me, I started my blog with the intentions of keeping it a secret. It's been so, so tempting to tell my family and friends, because I'm used to sharing everything with them. But you put it great: You sort of feel exposed. And your personality on your blog is likely to become a bit more reserved and censored than it would be otherwise when those in your personal life know what you write.

    It's a difficult thing sometimes. I've still not told anyone. But I hope you and the people you know can make it into something you can share!

    Love your header, by the way. Beautiful!

    Edge of Night

    1. Thank you very much, you're a dear! I wholeheartedly agree with you... but I realised if I was rather closed off in real life, the only way to share what I actually feel is through my blog. I share selective posts on Facebook so my friends know that I write a blog and it's up to them to check it up.

      It's up to you to decide whether you want to share it with people you personally know, or not. Your blog is really really amazing and I'm just glad you've shared it with the internet world, me and your other readers.


    2. Awe, well thank you! :) I'm really happy to be a part of such a wonderful community of bloggers. I've not met one person (yet) that hasn't been friendly and talented in their own right.

      I very much agree with that - about being closed off. I guess we all need that one thing that's just our little secret.. :) I do plan to tell people someday. Just might be a while.


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