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Hi there, thanks for popping by!

I'm Zelus. That's not my real name, but nice to meet you too.

I'm a:
→ blogger
→ reader
→ pianist
→ music lover
→ football (soccer)lover
→ gunner
→ high schooler

I aim to post twice a week, you can expect to see posts on Tuesdays and Saturdays. (If you don't, the posts will appear on other days of the week. Tuesdays and Saturdays are just datelines/reminders-to-blog in my planner.)

Overall blog designer: moi. I like to experiment with html. When I see cool widgets/designs on other people's blog, I'd think to myself,  hm that looks cool, I'd like that on my blog too. After a few trial-and-errors, I either get that right, or I mess something up and can't reverse the blunder. Oops. The blog logo and blog title background (that glorious swoop) is designed by Hello November Designs.

Instagram : where the photos are
Studyblr : where the study tips and study updates are
(yeah that's basically it)

If you wish to collaborate for a guest post/guest interview/any other collaboration, do drop me an email or comment so. [I don't bite!]

When commenting, please keep in mind:
~do not use language that is offensive, inflammatory or provocative (this includes, but is not limited to, swearing and obscene or vulgar comments)
~do not break the law (this includes libel, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court)
~do not make any commercial endorsement or promotion of any product, service or publication not relevant to the discussion (personal blogs are okay)

I love comments, I do read and reply to every single one, so do tick the notify me box so you can read my replies.


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    1. Thanks for your honest feedback... although I'm curious on what you mean by 'harsh'. Do you mean by blanks and too simple? I've just (really just) revamped the design (completely), but I really appreciate your imput! :)

    2. To be honest I was a bit 'iffy' about the new all-white simple-style for my blog, but why not?
      And I'll tweak it a bit to fit my liking and personality tomorrow.

  2. And now if you would hop on over to MY blog, and go to the contact page, I would LOVE if you could give me a brutally honest review about what you think of my blog, through my email.


  3. Hiya nice blog, thanks for following mine. Zelus, that's the Greek God for eager rivalry, emulation, envy, jealousy, and zeal isn't it?


  4. "I love books. They make up my soul, and are the reason why and who I am today."---Love, love, love!!! :)

  5. We're just so similar! x I'm checking out your YouTube right now. I play the piano, too.
    ~ Sanjana

  6. hey-tagged you for this tag by Vanessa

    1. Cool, will do it sometime soon! Thanks for tagging me, V!

  7. I am seriously in love with this blog and its design.
    You did a really lovely job on the design. I am like way impressed!!!!


  8. Hey there-
    Just wanted to know I nominated you for the Lebiester Award so congratulations!
    Here's the link :)


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I love comments, I do read and reply to every single one, so do tick the 'notify me' box so you can read my replies.