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What's Up? #1

What's up everyone!

I know I have been away-from-blogger for awhile. Can't believe it, the last (proper) post was almost a month ago, and to think I blogged almost every day in September, October and November. 

Well, that's life for you. Actually, I don't blame life. I blame school. And exams. Big ones. But that's for another post.

I have been writing, fortunately. I don't know what I'd do without it. I have been writing essays in two languages (not counted, actually), small bits of quotes here and there, and some lyrics.

I discovered this channel on Youtube called Wong Fu Productions and was hooked ever since.
And also yesterday my Chinese teacher recommended this show called 《奇葩说》 (qí pá shuō) which, from one and a half episodes I inferred, was a one-sided informal debating show where people get to debate about a topic they pick from their own perspective. And it's in Chinese.

You know... the usual stuff...
(I say it like you know my iTunes inside and out.)
I haven't been listening to any new songs lately, but Hello was definitely stuck in my head sometimes.
Somehow I find myself listening to the Chinese songs, skipping the English and classical pieces.

Yep, that's about it for now!

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02.02.16 Reason to Smile

I know I haven't been posting my Reasons to Smile, but I definitely found many since the last RtS post!

Yesterday I attended a faith study meeting at a leader's house. The host's younger daughter was probably 2 years old and extremely adorable. So first she went around the room with a bucket containing chocolate like the mini Snickers bar and Kit-Kat. She'd walk up to the person, hold out the chocolate to him/her and just say, "you want?" If it had been an older kid it may seem rude and unmannered, but with that innocent tone and look...

She went amongst the people for some time, passing them chocolate and ensuring that everyone had one piece of chocolate, she retreated to the back.

A couple of minutes later she came up to me with two more pieces of chocolate. "For your two brothers," she said matter-of-factly. She was so adorable!