11/04/2016 10:30:00 pm

After O Levels...

That rainbow was spotted on 31 October 2016, at 7.30-8am ish, and when I saw it I got super excited and spent 30 minutes or more taking photos and just fangirling (over the rainbow) because I've never seen such a large rainbow before, and it was a very long time since my last rainbow sighting. I was revising for exams, and when I looked out of the window I saw this rainbow, somehow I felt it was giving me hope. It's just something indescribable and have to be experienced to be understood.

To make sure I survive this O level period, I've written a list, a to-do list, for after the exam period. 

◼ 1. Mumbo
 2. Go to Coney Island
 3. Get fairy lights from IKEA
 4. Make a timelapse of sunrise/sunset
 5. Start tutoring (children)
◼ 6. Watch Pink Panther with (friends) (20 Nov)
◼ 7. Volunteer work (help out at a children's christmas party for underprivileged children)
 8. Watercolour
 9. Resume choir practices
◼ 10. Pet therapy (help out there)
 11. Photography trip
 12. Play with & watch fireworks
◼ 13. Have blackball
 14. Eat +/make cake
 15. Swim total 10km
 16. Run total 15 km
◼ 17. Stay up through the night (21-22 Nov)
◼ 18. Sleepover (14-15 Nov)
◼19. Get a tripod for my DSLR (earn some cash first!)
 20. Make 20 lists
 21. Pick up a new skill
 22. Make 99 origami stars (process will be vlogged)

(Not exhausted, to be updated)

Do you have a post-exam bucket list? Do share below!


  1. Having a list of things to do after your exam is a great way to stay motivated. I also find that I get the most creative ideas just when I can't do anything about it, like when I'm studying and I really CAN'T get up and draw something I just thought up in my art journal, or write that blog post! So I keep a long list of all the random light bulbs I light while I study :)

    1. :) the brain JUST comes up with the best ideas when you can't take action about it. I used to have this blank writing pad I on my desk for jotting down any idea/task-i-need-to-do-later when it comes to mind, so I can still focus on my work and not forget any thoughts afterwards.

  2. Photography trip? Sounds interesting!

    1. Yep! I've got a few outing planned with friends where we'd just walk around an area taking photos.


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