10/02/2015 01:09:00 pm

Blogtober-Blog every day in October!

It's on! Though this challenge will be a challenge because I've a rather important exam coming up in Nov. 
I got the idea from Noor at A Little Bit of Sunshine Blog, so here's mine. It's already the second day of October, so I'll move 'October Goals' down the line for today.

Thursday, October 1st: Write about my favourite book
Friday, October 2nd October Goals
Saturday, October 3rd: What I did todayPart 2
Sunday, October 4th: This Week I...
Tuesday, October 6th: Top 6 Favorite Bloggers and Why
Wednesday, October 7th *changed* Blog in Chinese*gasp*
Thursday, October 8th: Favorite Things to Do in October
Sunday, October 11th: This week I...
Monday, October 12th: Collaborate with another blogger
Tuesday, October 13th: Favourite quote(s) and why?
Wednesday, October 14th: 20 Facts about you
Thursday, October 15thFavourite Scents
Friday, October 16thWhat book are you currently reading? How do you like it so far? The Mask
Saturday, October 17th: Since it's Professor McGonagall's birthday... write about Harry Potter.  Trust
Sunday, October 18th: This Week I.... The [Model] ASEAN Experience
Monday, October 19th: Write about your favourite childhood spot [This will be posted sometime in the future] 我终于开窍了!
Tuesday, October 20th: Do Noor's Halloween Tag! a poem about poetry

Wednesday, October 21st: Write a letter to yourself in 5 years  Halloween Tag
Thursday, October 22nd: Blog about songs for each mood Musings 001 | School |
Friday, October 23rdWhat you are superstitious about? Photography and me

Saturday, October 24th: Things you like to do on a lazy day  Write a letter to yourself in 5 years
Monday, October 26th: One thing I cannot live without.   Musings 002 | Latest Fangirl Fixations

Tuesday, October 27th: Throwback Tuesday: A Halloween Memory
Wednesday, October 28th: What You Read In October Blogging just for the sake of it.. DON'T 
Thursday, October 29th: Recent Music Favorites   Childhood 001 | Toys, books and other things |

Friday, October 30th: October QnA. Comment your questions below!!! None?
Saturday, October 31st: Your Halloween Costume/What you would wear if you still celebrated Halloween.
That's my BLOGTOBER prompts! Tell me if you're participating!

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