10/26/2015 10:32:00 pm

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A couple of days ago I watched a movie. It was awesome. Amazing. Fantabulous.

So great that I got obsessed with it.

And no, I won't tell you the title because I might get judged for that. So nein.

Anyway, the storyline was not an action, but more of a... how do you say this? Like one of those cliche-like movies, set in (senior) high school. I could say it's cliche, but then it's really unique that I can't really find another movie, novel or storyline to compare it with.

And because I'm currently studying for my Chinese exam, I took this chance (excuse) to watch that movie. You might guess what movie it is, you might not.

I watched it twice. And I still got the feels even after I watched the trailer like, 5 times while searching for the movie online. In the end, after frantic and desperate googling, I found one. But it ended around 10 minutes or more before the ending, so I'm still pathetically clueless of how it ended. 但据我所知,(dan4 ju4 wo3 suo3 zhi1 [based on what I know]), there wasn't a 'happily ever after' for the main pair. They both thought the other liked other people and didn't realise it was too late [no neither of them died, one just migrated overseas].

It's really a great movie (how many times did I say this), I'd say it's suitable for old and young, the old will reminisce as the movie's set in the '90s, and the young would probably relate to some of the feelings the characters encounter. All would definitely laugh at some parts, and just feel mellow and melancholy at some others.

The feels, though. So much that I'd want to be in the movie itself to experience everything firsthand.

I really like the theme song from the movie though:

And I can't stop fangirling.

I think the only other thing I've been this obsessed was with Tamora Pierce's two quartets, Song of the Lioness and Protector of the Small, and their fanfiction.

If you know what movie I'm talking about, go watch it. Really. I'd definitely rewatch it anytime, anyday. Especially when I feel like feeling something.

This counts as my blogtober post for today. But because it wasn't following the prompt, so I won't add the label. 

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