10/20/2015 10:30:00 pm

a poem about poetry

Poetry is amazing
sometimes it rhymes
with varying phrasing
it can be a haiku. five-seven-five
it can be a limerick, sonnet, ballade
sometimes it's just a sentence
that is split into many lines
it just allows a random
paragraph to look poetic
sometimes a line
can just consist of 
I like it when the words form a structure
when it looks like a pyramid
something like this and
the words decreases
and it ends
how cool
and now we increase
longer and more words in a line
now it looks like an stout hourglass 
 I want to continue writing poems like this
but for this moment let's talk about something else
you don't have to add punctuation if you don't want to 
or not capitalise letters if you don't want to
grammar is sometimes chucked out of the window
this is the time to show off  your vocabulary skills
like oh petrichor how I relish thee
I scribble poetry to shirk
fingers fly all over the keyboard
poetry oh poetry
how easy to write
but not always interesting to read
for sometimes I admit
it is too melancholy for me at that moment
and sometimes what meets my eye isn't what it means
too much interpretation for my dense and dunce-like mind
oh ho did you notice
at the beginning this poem looked like a girl
now you've scrolled up to squint at the screen
haven't you
this poem is like a very long sentence
with no comma, semicolon or full stop
now let me finish my last line below
and end with a full stop finally
poetry is amazing.


  1. Ahaha! This was brilliant :D And I can agree with all those points. I actually prefer writing stories, but I find poetry to take a lot less time and, usually, be a lot easier. It's also much better for experimentation, like you mentioned. While officially there are structures and forms to follow, you don't need to pay attention to any of it if you feel like just creating something totally unstructured. Probably can do that with stories too, but it's.. more noticeable lol.

    1. Yeah. It's also possible with stories, but I find that when I write in proper paragraphs and grammar [I'm a grammar Nazi outside poetry] it not only takes more time, but I also unintentionally find myself going into a lot of detail and sometimes it's better to just give the readers a benefit of the doubt and sound more poetic.

  2. Haha that was amazing! I'm a poetry lover, and reading this made me smile so much because it is true! Writing poems is definitely easier, I think, because of the points you mentioned, but also because it's a shorter and usually more direct way of expressing emotion. However, writing real 'art' (as is also with stories, songs, etc.) is more than just putting down some words and strategically placing a full stop. Not that I have any experience, but just to point out that although your poem holds true for a lot of content out there (including probably my own ;)), it isn't always the case.

    x Great post!

    Yasmine, Cloudy

    1. Yes, poems are so similar, yet so different. To some people poems may be a couple of words like I said and a full stop, to others they open up another world, hold double meanings and is the window to the soul. I don't have much experience writing poems either, it's just a spur-of-a-moment kind of relationship, poetry and I. Still, I love writing it.


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