10/09/2015 06:34:00 pm

Favourite things in the Alphabet [Blogtober]

photo and text by me

Arsenal F.C. (+Ah Ma [grandmother], Ah Gong [grandfather], A cappella)
Books (+Brothers, Blogging, Bubble tea, Beach, Balloons, Bamboo,Black and white photos, Braised peanuts that my friend's mum makes when we stay for dinner)
Corners to read books in, (Cousins, Cookies, Classical Music Camping, CHERUB, Choir, Cello which I really want to learn,  Challenges)
Deep conversations (+Design, Dogs, Doodles, Dragons)
Ebooks (+Eco-friendly, Eating, Electricity, Etymology [study of literal meaning of names])
Flares (song) (+Food, Friends, Fraser's Hill, Friends I click at first meet)
Genuine smiles & laughs (+Google, Green)
Harry Potter (+Homeschooling, Hope, Hoodies, Harmony)
Ice Kachang (+Ice cream, Imagine Dragons)
Keladry of Mindelan (+Keychains, Keeping the Dream Alive, Kaya-and-butter toast, Kopitiams)
Lazy days (+Lions, Little kids, Long chats, Lyrics, Lists)
Music (+Mumbo, Model UN, Memories, Moss, M&Ms, Mist, Movies, Mint, Music psychology)
Nature (+New words, Nodame Cantabile)
Oxymoron (+Oboe, Orchestra, Orange pen)
Piano (+Postcards, Pencils, Pens, Photography Pizza, Procrastination, Petrichor, Popiah, Post-it notes,  Peace, Prayer, Puns)
Quotes (+Quizzes)
Random thoughts (+Root beer, Rojak (my MUN delegation, Red dragonflies, Rain, Rainbows)
Songs (+Song of the Lioness, Sambal belachan, Soka,  Simple things, Stars, Silver, Snickers chocolate, Spy stories, Sunshine, Solitude)
Tranquility [what my name means] (+Teh haliah, Tau suan, The Script, Trampoline which I miss jumping on) 
UV light [of course, especially the pen-and UV light]
Victory (+Vacation, Videos)
Writing (+Wallflowers, Water balloons, Water-guns, Wood, Waterfalls)
Xanadu (+Xanthopyll)
Yellow (my name sounds like this in another language)
Zelus: my favourite Greek mythological deity


  1. I love most of these things too, especially Arsenal FC, books, writing and music!

    1. REALLY??? Awesome, I hardly find football (the English kind) fans in the blogger circle, so I got so excited when I read this comment!


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