10/17/2015 02:06:00 pm


The first time it happened
we knew it was your fault
the second time it happened
it was still your fault
by the third time
I admit
it's mine
for believing in you
for being naive
for thinking that you won't break
is like paper
once crumpled and wrinkled and torn
you won't ever get it back to the original smoothness
why was I convinced that you'll take care of it
take care of the trust
you shouldered
that I willingly
bestowed on you
they say
once bitten
twice shy
but I guess I'm a bit slow
and it hurts too much
so it's twice 
before I became guarded
and now
I promise
it won't happen again
the trust is gone
the paper is crumpled
tossed aside
nothing  will be the same again.

// 16/10/15 //


  1. I feel like I trust too easily, and no matter how many times trust is broken it's difficult to realise they're not to be trusted. I give too many chances and I think I've become a pushover, because once you have me you can never lose me.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Exactly. And sometimes maybe we have to learn one too many lesson that hurt really bad, in order to know that not all people can be trusted, and so easily.


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