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October Goals

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Day 2 of Blogtober: October Goals

☻  Prepare for my Chinese exam which is in November.
How: Complete all the homework assignments, find time to read some Chinese books to improve my flow of writing and increase my vocabulary, watch some Chinese youtube videos/movies. Listen to Chinese songs. Basically, get inspired to work on Chinese.

☻Survive this month. 
How: focus in class, do and hand in assignments on time.

Enjoy life.
Watch football, form FPL (fantasy premier league) team weekly, go for choir practices and monthly instructor meetings to prepare for the Camp, read, listen to music, play piano.

☻ Do Blogtober every day and try not to do scheduled posts :P Because of my procrastinating skills which I'm not entirely proud off, Blogtober would be a challenge, with schoolwork and all.

☻Start on the Memories Jar Project: get a pad of coloured paper and a nice clean big jar. Start writing whenever I feel like it.

Last but not least,
This is the button I've created, will post a shareable code soon.
☻☻ Find something that made me smile that day, and blog it with the label Reasons to Smile. It can be a short post, a short sentence, a youtube video/video/movie that made me smile/laugh, a song that cheered me up, etc, etc. And even if I didn't have access to the computer that day/couple of days, I'd still jot the reason to smile down, and later post it with the original day it happened. Geddit?*

*Update: will start officially in November.

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