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Photography and me

Photography is more than taking the camera to your eye and pressing the shutter button. 

I like photography because it empowers me to save the moment, that exact second when something happened. I especially like shots of children, their smiles and laughter. It reminds me that childhood is not forever. Neither is teenager-hood, nor adulthood. Life isn't forever. We have to capture it or else it will slip through our fingers and disappear forever. Photos are one of the best ways to capture a moment as it is. There will never be two identical photos. 

I've just joined a online community for photographers to share their amazing masterpieces, have challenges and photo contests. Here's my profile: viewbug.com/member/hopefulpencil
You might recognise some photos from there which I had originally posted here:

Currently I have the family camera which is a Samsung WB750, and my phone which is a Redmi 1S, it's quality is much better than the Samsung but unfortunately due to the tiny storage space, I use the Samsung when I go out and plan to take lots of photos.

It's really an amazing moment when you realise a photo you absentmindedly took awhile ago turned out to be really, really great. Sometimes the 'awhile ago' could be a full year, like the topmost photo I took. 

Photographs of children make me smile the moment I see them, even though the quality may not be good. Photographs of nature, landscapes remind me how beautiful our planet is, and that we must keep the beauty and not let some construction company change it. No skyscraper can ever, ever be more stunning than a field, even if it's just a plain field of grass.

You can tell a story through the lens. I've noticed that what makes a good photographer is a good observer. To be able to see and capture things that other people usually look past, things people usually miss. 

What I have now is alright for walk-and-snap photography, for a tourist maybe, but now I really want better quality photos, and being able to do more stuff with them. I'm saving up and trying to convince my mum to let me by a DSLR so I can take proper photos and maybe even do some events or some stuff. My brother has been looking at DSLRs since last year, and he recommended a Nikon D7000. 

Any other recommendations, though? I'm looking at taking landscapes, but also of people, animal and street photography. Wifi and GPS not needed. Preferably below 400 USD, just the body, or 500 USD with prime lenses, and maybe not too bulky or heavy. I'm not really familiar with all that specs and stuff, just a good-quality DSLR to capture moments. Second hand seems to be the better option as it's much more affordable, and some are in good condition. 

Brigitte Bardot (source) 

Why do you take photographs? Why do you love photography?


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    1. Why, though? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  2. I'll be very honest. I never liked clicking pictures. I thought it just wasn't my forte. But I loved playing around with my daddy's camera.
    I got really interested only when my dad got me a camera because I was going to the States for the first time and he couldn't trust me with his own. So I get this really cute red camera (I'm not really into tech so I don't even know what model it is) and I start clicking and then I realize how I can use those pictures in my blog.
    You see, earlier I used photos that my dad clicked but it was very difficult looking for a photo that fit in with what I was writing. But with my own camera, I could just click whatever I wanted. And I started having fun it.
    I carried my camera everywhere. And clicked anything that looked beautiful and potentially blogable.
    But as of now, I've been away from the camera for a long time. Your post was a nice reminder. I'll go get my camera now and start clicking. I see a nice sunset happening right outside my window now.

    I'm sorry if this comment was too long. I just had to tell you everything and how thankful I'm for this post.


    1. I'm really glad you got back to photography, and that this post reminded you to click again :) And don't be sorry, really. I love my readers' thoughts on the posts, especially long and detailed ones. I'd love to see some of your photos you take!


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