9/22/2016 07:34:00 pm

Lensventures with a friend | Chinese Garden |

A couple (or many many many) days ago, I went out with a friend to take more photos. This time our location was Chinese Garden, a nice, scenic park (kind of) with little people to photobomb and no entry fees required.

And as usual, the sky was cloudy.

{All photos are mine :)}

9/22/2016 07:03:00 pm

9/02/2016 08:47:00 am

Hello September

I'm back (only for a few minutes, then I'm off to study again)! 
August goals:
1. Try to finish 100 hours before the end of August ✔️ 
I did 115 hours, actually!

2. Sleep at least 7.5h (ideally 9 hours) daily [I'm experimenting with the 1.5h sleep cycles, hence these numbers]
Almost- in my habit tracker I had around 3/4 days of less than 7.5h of sleep.

3. Try to finish academic targets set by self (not including it here because it's a bit irrelevant and perhaps a bit of a bore to you) 
Not really, I did half.

4. Finish a faith book
Again, half of the book Humanism and the Art of Medicine by Dr. Daisaku Ikeda.

Now for September goals:
1. Quantity over quality. 
With that said, I really want to have to finish my academic goals (finish doing all the topical questions,  do a past year paper etc) by end of September. There's only 48 days till my first written paper, and 41 days till science practicals.

2. Spend less time on phone and computer.

Until the next time.