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  1. Hey again Zelus-
    Hope you got my reply on my blog post. Again, thanks for the comment. So I wanted to give you some feedback, as requested. First of all, I super love your blog name. I feel like my pencil is often just that- hopeful. It would be cool to learn more about why you chose that name (maybe you've already written something and I just haven't discovered that post- I'll look for it.) As for your layout, it is cute, especially the header, but I find it a little bit...what's the word...hard? Aggressive? I'm not sure. I think just adding a bit more color would be fine, and maybe playing with the font. But hey, this is your blog and your space, if you like it, then I say keep it. Who cares what I think. Whatever it is, make it how you love it. Your hashtags gadget is great, and I like the pop of blue. Your posts are neat, and I love the reasons to smile idea- I have been thinking about it since I first opened it and you inspired me! I think I might start doing those posts. Anyways, this comment has gotten pretty long so I think I'll leave it at that. I hope this feedback is helpful. I'll be joining your blog- this is definitely some creative genius to follow!
    P.S. I have two lucky bamboo plants and I love them too. :)

    1. oh, one more thing I forgot to add- I would consider making the posts all the way displayed instead of having the read more button. It is just sometimes a hassle to have to open and close all those tabs. But again, it's up to you.

    2. Thanks for the long comment, I really appreciate your time and effort to give feedback! I'm not exactly sure how I got the name, but I liked writing and hope was quite important to me, so boom.
      For the harsh part- I agree, but at the same time I wanted a kinda 'minimalist' look... will continue playing around with that!
      Wow, we must have telepathy or something. Because at the time you were writing that last comment, I was editing my html code to have the 'continue reading' tab.
      Like wow.
      I can't.... words.

  2. ooh you messed with the format a little I LOVE IT!! the yellow looks so good! totally whimsical but classic too.

    1. Haha thanks! I'd received some feedback (from the survey I asked you guys to take, THANK YOU SO MUCH I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT) and thought I'll play around with the CSS codes and stuff xD


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