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As you (probably) know, I am homeschooled. I have never attended public school, not even kindergarden. School was kind of a no-no for me personally because of three main reasons:

  • Uniform. The local students here all have to wear school uniform. Though the designs all vary depending on the school, the girls one are either pinafore or skirt. And I really don't like wearing skirts or dresses.
  • Time. I love my sleep. My friends in school have to wake up at 6 in the morning, or earlier. And they sleep at 12am due to large amounts of homework to finish.
  • Change. I don't usually like change. I have been homeschooling for all my life, why change now?
  • School system. I hadn't really thought about it before, but the local school system is rather stressful to some. Studying and exam-oriented education and mindset isn't one that I totally adopt. 
Friends weren't really that big an issue... after primary school, most already went to public school. A bunch of us were left in the homeschooling track. Even if I were to go to school, I'd still keep in contact (I hope). 

Previously I had planned to take IGCSES, so if I wanted to go to school halfway of my secondary education, local schools was out because they had a different syllabus and took a different exam, which was GCE O Level. But since my path recently changed and I'm taking O Levels next year, I started to consider going to school. 

Somehow, I realised that though I had much more benefits and great stuff while homeschooling, like extra time, online school, more sleep, I kind of missed out on some stuff. Not friends or socialising, mind you, I do have that. It's more of: 
  • class activities, class bonding and all that stuff- we do have classes, but mine's either online or small groups. The thing I don't really like about homeschooling is a lot of them are more family-oriented and somehow we're not really united as a whole, probably because we don't see each other every day
  • graduation and all those activities
  • having somewhere to 'come home to' as people described. 
  • the experience
But after talking to a few friends, I realised that it'll definitely be challenging to adapt to a school environment, after waking at 9am and staying at home (most of the time, I'm a home-bound person), going toilet, eating and drinking whenever I felt like it, not travelling every single morning. 

Not to mention procrastinating and not understanding the term 'studying' until I was 12, when kids at 8 are already doing that daily. I mean, I just do my homework! 

On the other hand, I'd have to more or less sacrifice:
  • my sleep 
  • my extra time to do the things I love, like blog, football, music, piano, Model UN, photography
  • my freedom (especially freedom of clothing)
I don't even know if I'd make friends if I go to school. So another one to add to the list. I guess if I don't make any friends, I won't get to experience what I wanted to when I go to school. It would be no point in that case. Is school that worth going, if I sacrifice so many things, just to 'blend in' and be like any other teenager (except homeschoolers) in my country? To conform with the education system, to stress on homework, rushing assignment datelines and burning midnight oil?



  1. I've also been schooled online for my entire life, as were my two sisters (though they did do their first couple of grades in a brick and mortar school, and hated it). I'm given the option to try out a regular school every year, and I've been tempted sometimes, but I absolutely love my online school. I love the flexibility, the relative freedom, etc.

    There are disadvantages and advantages to each kind of schooling, but I wouldn't have done mine any other way!

    1. We're the same, but different, I guess. Do you feel like you miss out on some stuff, like (I don't know) prom or 'graduation' or stuff like that?

    2. Not really, because my school does do those things. There are graduation ceremonies, proms, school dances, and numerous face-to-face events throughout the year that students can attend if they'd like. I'm not a social person though, so I don't usually go to them lol.

  2. This is really interesting for me to read, since I've never been homeschooled in my whole life! Sometimes I get jealous, your schedule sounds so relaxing. It's neat to see a different perspective on school. But don't be afraid to try new situations if you feel like it's the right thing for you- it could turn out to be pretty fun! I have to admit, despite the stress and endless homework it is a cool experience to be in a place with a bunch of other kids your age who are all so incredibly special and different. SO many things happen every day that I get to treasure as precious moments. And high school is pretty fun- dances, friends, games, sports, plays, art shows, singing performances. Its cool to be part of a community. And don't let making new friends intimidate you- every time I went to a new school I had to make pretty much all new friends. It wasn't easy, but it all turned out ok, and I'm a stronger more confident person because of it. Do what feels best, and don't stress it too much, it'll all work out. Nice post!

    1. It is rather relaxing compared to mainstream school... I'm definitely going to school (junior college) in two years' time, it's just that I was wondering if I should go 1 year earlier (last year of secondary school), but then it seems like I'd have trouble adapting, when the others have already been in that school for 3 years.

  3. In some ways I hate school for all the reasons you've listed above, but after reading this I can also see how maybe going to school could also be better, but then I've never tried homeschooling so I wouldn't know. All I can say is that if you do want to go to school, you'll definitely make friends. There are just so many people that you have to see everyday, and you're bound to make bonds with them. There's always something happening - always something funny, always something memorable - but at the same time you spend a lot of your day just wanting to go home.

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    1. Thank you... I guess I'll stay where I am for another year, then go to school for Junior college, so maybe I won't feel so alien in a place where bonds have already been made for 3 years.


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