10/03/2015 10:39:00 pm

3.10.15 Reason to Smile/What I Did Today Pt 2 [Blogtober]

Photo and text credits by myself
I went for some event. With food. So here are some photos I snapped. (Reason to Smile below!)

Chendol drink, a local delight made of coconut milk, gula melaka (brown sugar), shaved ice, glutinous rice with green food colouring that resembles worms and red beans.


Nice... lighting?


And yet more balloons.. this one I brought home. One can never be too old for balloons.

Kids sauntering about, up and down the stage, with their balloons floating behind them

Reason to Smile: while the 'band' sang Someone Like You and other songs, the kids were walking up and down the stage with their helium balloons with the led lights changing every couple of minutes. So entertaining. Watching kids run around tugging their floating, much-bigger-than-them balloons... :D

Another Reason to Smile moment:
Emcee: you know what is banana?
Kids: YES
Emcee: you know what looks a lot like banana?
Me: *snickers while exchanging looks with my brother*
Emcee: minions!

"If you want to take picture with minion, just stand beside minion, don't need to 'minion minion' okay!."

Overall the food was nice, though the performances weren't that appealing (especially since there were kids and the dancers/band members were wearing too-short dresses like urgh).

But the balloons were great-they were AWESOME!
Self reminder: if I was going to organise any big events in the future that would include kids, MUST BUY TONS OF HELIUM BALLOONS! Kids happy = everyone happy!
Also if I were to have a wedding or anything like that, definitely will have tons of helium balloons. Even if there no kids attending.


  1. Hm, a Chendol drink. I'll have to try it one of these days:)

    1. Of course! Hopefully you'll be able to find it.

  2. I love Chendol! My dad is Indonesian (I'm not sure about the drink's origins, but he's the one who showed me), and in our family we drink it so often. It's so much work to make the worms, though. :/

    You can never be too old for balloons <3

    x Yasmine//Cloudy (my blog's been neglected recently, so don't be put off by the date of my last post. :) I'm going to start again soon)

    1. I've never made the chendol thoigh. It's a really common desert in where I live, so if we want to eat it, we just go and buy it :) usually it's in a bowl, with a mountain of shaved ice and all that stuff.

    2. *though, sorry, I'm on my phone and sometimes the words come out mispelled and I don't notice it...


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