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Musings 003 | Numbers, numbers, numbers |

Life, sadly, is all about numbers.

As a blogger, you have the number of followers, comments, pageviews, posts...

As a teenager, you have your test and exam marks. Your age. Your school level. Your weight, height, waist size,. The number of and the value of your clothes. The number of technical gadgets you have. Your myiopia degree, if you wear glasses. Your number of Facebook friends, your Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Youtube followers, likers, commenters. Your allowance.

As an adult, you have your savings. Your salary. Your house value. Your car value. The number of cars you have. The number of children you have. Your age, again.

It's never ending. Many, many more that I have not stated which varies from individual to individual.

We are constantly being judged based on these numbers.
"Why can't you be like Auntie (insert name here)'s son/daughter, she got 99% on her Maths test and 97% on her English, Geography and Physics test!"
"She has 12402 Facebook friends, oh em gee, she's so popular!" 
"Oh look, she only has 25 Facebook friends, she's must be loner."
 "He's only 1.5m, how can he be a basketball player?"
"Oh gosh, he's so rich, he must be so snobbish." 
The unfortunate fact is, these numbers don't represent you. They are only what others know of you. One may have thousands of 'friends' on Facebook, while in reality, he or she can only trust a couple of them. He may be hardworking, smart and founded a large successful company, but he's not filthy rich because he donated a quarter of his earnings to charity. See what I mean? 

True, there are quizzes nowadays like "Who appreciates you most?" where you login your Facebook account and they'll so-called 'evaluate' and show you six of your Facebook friends who 'appreciate you'. Is that the truth? No, it doesn't. Maybe your grandma is one of the few people who do, but she doesn't have Facebook so she's no in the list. Maybe the quiz just takes the top 6 people who liked your statuses and photos and commented the most. Take these quizzes with a pinch of salt.

Why doesn't life give you a proper value of your true friends, or your real value as a human being, your real admirer, your real beauty, how awesome you truly are?

Try not to let the numbers get to you. I know it's hard, but try.

Try not to scrutinize the numbers on people's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles.

That's the first, most basic step as a teenager.

One step at a time, we can slowly reform these numbers into what they originally were- numbers.


  1. Numbers are everywhere; they are totally dominating our lives. >< Everyday, every hour is a number as well... >< Sighpies...

    Great post that got me thinking! Nice!! <33


    1. ... every minute, every second, every millisecond... it just goes on and on. The first step we can do to try and overcome this judgemental trend is to take a new perspective when looking at people.
      Thanks for your kind comment!

  2. Oh yes, the numbers are the start....everyone want to be better than another , sometimes I think the world is totally crazy. And a few days later mostly I realise it's only the truth the world is crazy.
    That was such a wonderful post and when you read it you think about your words.Really good work.
    Love, Lea

    1. Yes, numbers make life so much harsher and crazier (not in a good way). That's reality.
      Thanks for your kind comment!


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