11/10/2015 01:46:00 pm

walk until i become numb


Keep on walking,

One foot in front of the other

Hands swinging freely

Head front


Around in a large round

Each round probably bigger than a track field

Continue walking

Better to walk than to sit

Sit there with things

Tumbling in my head

Walking with a blank mind

Gotta keep it blank


Focus on the sounds

Focus on my shadow

Focus on where I'm going

Focus on not looking back

So I'll keep walking

Walk until I become numb

Numb is best

Numb won't let me feel anything

I feel moisture on my forehead, face, shirt

Cooling night breeze makes my skin semi-dry and sticky

The night is still

No movement except mi​​​​ne, 

Not a peep except my footsteps,

Walk until I become numb.

One round, two, then three

One of the street lamps break down

I keep on walking

The dogs probably recognise ​​​​me

By the third round the small guy's bark decreased by a third

Wanted to continue walking

Turn left and walk the fourth

To walk myself close to numbness

To feel the breeze

To hear the small guy

To duck my head to avoid the tree's outstretched branches

But good things come to an end

Sooner or later

And I took the right turn

Back to where I came from

So now

Even if my feet and legs aren't numb

At least my right hand is close to it

From scribbling madly on the paper.

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