11/28/2015 01:31:00 pm

Food: Clover Chips

The other day I decided to get some snacks, but the convenient store was not a usual one with the normal chips and Twistees and Mamee noodles, but also carried other kinds of chips, this one called Clover Chips.
Since it looked safe (no weird flavours or anything) and when I held it in my hand it was 8/10 filled, unlike the normal chips where it was 4/10 filled with chips and the rest with air, I bought it. 
'With vitamins' lol

The chips itself were nicer than I expected. It was kind of puffed up, kind of like kerepok (another
local snack here), but with cheese powder in every piece. It's not overly disgustingly cheesy either, the amount is just right. And also there's actually quite a large number of chips, it's worth the price.

Overall it's a good snack (there's other flavours like BBQ too). It's probably the first non-healthy (like those organic chips) that say 'with vitamins' on the package, and why I wrote a post on it. It also contains folic acid. If interested, you can always google for proper reviews here.

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  1. Let's be honest, If it is food then it is going in my mouth. Unless it is nasty and moist.... x'D


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