11/12/2015 04:02:00 pm

Nanowrimo 2015: It's on!

I am proud to post this on my blog. But apprehensive, too. Here I am, eleven days later than the rest of you guys (I typed out my first part of my first chapter last night).

I've only participated in Nano once, and that was in '11, which I completed.

This time I'm challenging myself: write in Chinese.

Here's a short poem about writers' block, which I fortunately haven't faced yet.
[I'm actually facing a time management problem which is why, however much I'd like to, I can't type the whole thing out in one day.]

How could this happen?
I was sure I had the things needed
When did this happen?
I thought I was using up pens and pages by the day
Why could this happen?
I guess my inspiration fell through the cracks
Like a coin down the drain
Happy Nano-ing.


  1. What your writing in Chinese?! That sounds so difficult! Good job for keeping up with it, I'd probably given in to that by now

    1. :) that's why it's a challenge for myself.

  2. All the best with writing!
    Are you going to write in characters if you're writing in Chinese? Doesn't that make the word count more complicated?
    I've been wanting to participate for a few years now, but I just don't have the time :( Maybe next year!

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Time is always an issue. But once you have the determination to participate in nano, you will, even if the wordcount is 3000 words like mine is. The word count can be more complicated, that's why I like YWP nano-you can set your own goal :)


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