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《我的少女时代》Our Times

Favourites 001 《我的少女时代》Our Times 
In my recent post I had mentioned I got obsessed with this newly released Chinese movie which I didn't explicitly name because of some reasons. But now here it is. It's English translation is Our Times, but directly translated it means 'My girlhood times'.

Words cannot describe how much this movie has touched my heart. I'm not going to go into the plot details or the storyline, but I'd strongly recommend it. Especially if you speak/know Mandarin. Even if you don't, there's still subtitles.

I watched this movie around a week before my Chinese exam (that was today). Somehow watching it inspired me to work harder in my Chinese, to talk in Chinese more and generally just immerse myself in the language.

I take back my words about not going to describe the storyline. I'm just going to name some of the main characters:
  • 林真心 = Lin Truly: a very ordinary girl, bad in her studies, likes Ouyang

  • 欧阳非凡 = Ouyang Extraordinary: popular in school, generous, nice, liked by everyone, good grades, captain of basketball team.
[Okay I don't think anything else can beat these translated names]

  • 徐太宇= Tsu Taiyu: worst class, transferred at senior year, leader of the school gang, rumoured to have killed people, set buildings on fire (etc).
  • 陶敏敏= Tao Minmin: school belle, good grades, a lot of boys like her.
Some thoughts:
在这个时代, 我们都是自己人生里的林真心, 暗恋着欧阳非凡, 妒忌着陶敏敏, 一开始遇见徐太宇的时候害怕多过开心, 然后因为这个人而学会享受生活... 
[In this generation, we are the Yours Truly (Lin Zhenxin) in our lives, secretly liking Ouyang, jealous of Tao Minmin, when you see Tsu Taiyu at first you'll be more scared than happy, then you'll learn to enjoy life because of this person.]

Actually in real life, there's Tsu Taiyu and an Ouyang, it's just that we don't realise who it is.
I think this is rather true... I know someone like Ouyang (personality-wise), but for Tsu Taiyu I don't seem to come to any conclusions.



[Sesame sauce noodles, the sesame sauce and noodles have to be separated.]


[The first time I watched from Lin Zhenxin (Lin Truly)'s point of view, the second time from Hsu Taiyu, third time from Ouyang, Yingmu and the others' point of view.]

woah woah

Actually, when you really like a person, you lack the courage to tell them that.

Thank you for being in our youth.

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