11/02/2015 10:40:00 pm


Exams are part and parcel of school. You learn, you are examined for what you can learn. It's supposed to be like that, it has been like that, it is like that, and will be like that.

I'm going to keep this short, since I've just jumped over one of my small obstacles in life also known as Chinese Exam.

But in reality, exams are only a measurement of how much we can cram into the tiny brain of ours that is around the size of our fist. You can't even cram a chapter of your history textbook within your fist, how would you expect a whole thick textbook plus notes plus other subjects into your brain?

That's why.

But then how would the education system determine your standard? I quite like the American system where your grades and results for whole four years of high school is taken into account as your GPA (am I right? correct me if I'm wrong). That way if you've been hardworking for the whole four years but somehow didn't do very well on your final exam (SATs? APs?) you still have your GPA.

What matters is the journey itself, not the destination. What matters is your learning journey.

Don't let your results affect your strong determination, but at the same time work towards improvement.

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