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Halloween '15

I've finished my exam. And just like I promised, here's my post of my halloween experience.

My brothers and I went to a friends place before going to an estate nearby for trick-or-treating. As you may know from my previous posts, I was going as a glow-in-the-dark stickman. I thought it'll be a fairly easy costume, but no, it took half an hour of planning and one full hour of sticking the glow stick onto the black shirt and pants, along with two other pairs of hands (more like one pair and two half-pairs). We went to the estate much later than planned, maybe because of my costume, but also it rained.
Ein mirror selfie
Helping our play-dough friend spray his hair blue- it's an amusing sight
I (and others) were quite impressed by the amount of effort the residents had put in for this Halloween, considering that Halloween wasn't celebrated much in this country.. The roads were blocked off by security guards so trick-or-treaters can trick-or-treat safely. Even though some houses were closed, the gates still had amazing decorations and stuff.
Aren't they utterly adorable?
My brother and friend went as ghosts. Yeah, how original. But they seem to be so overrated that no one dresses up as one, and in the end these two became an iconic sight on the streets- they stand out easily and are easily recognised. People even asked to take pictures with them.

Me? Mine was alright, I was quite satisfied with my costume myself, and got quite a lot of 'cool costume', 'I love your costume's though. I liked it when kids look at me, wide-eyed, not for the attention, but just looking at their surprised and pleased expressions 'it's a stick-man!' made me laugh and grin at them.

While walking back to the car, I had decided to strip off my 'bone' (glow stick) and make the kids' day by giving it to them. The kids who passed by us were lucky- they got candies and a glow stick! While walking back to my group after passing a yellow glow-stick to a fairy little girl, I heard 'she's so kind!' 

And another one asked 'where did it come from?', to which I answered 'these are my bones. I'm giving you my bones, so I'm boneless now' and staggered away, making the kids go 'ewwww' and the dad laugh.

That's one of my Reasons to Smile for today. Another one was the 'ghosts' (couple wear, I call it). 
The leftover glow sticks used to make a glow-ball that's bigger than a football (not the pigskin one)
After a very late dinner and a football match (Liverpool Chelsea 3-1), we went back and watched Frankenweenie. The company and food was more important than the movie, but it was adorably not scary-except for the black cat that hissed on the tombstone. 
I got comparatively less candy than my brothers and friends but I guess it's because I'm technically not a 'kid' anymore...

From 'theatre' to 'candy casino' (more like 'candy market')

All in all, it was a great Halloween. I had loads of fun and really enjoyed myself, even though the trick-or-treating part wasn't the best (out of all my trick-or-treating experiences but it was good anyway). 

How did you spend your last day of October?

Update: If you were wondering if Zelus had gone into the future, no, I'm in 2015 like you all are. I've changed the title to 'Halloween '15', somehow I lost track of time (literally) and put '16 instead. It's all corrected now.

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  1. I went to a halloween party at my friend's house and went trick or treating


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