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MUN 101: Getting Started

So you are interested in attending a Model United Nations conference. Don't know where to start? Don't know what to do, what to prepare? No worries! I'll be writing a series of posts with tips and advice, for newbie MUNners and experienced MUNners alike.

Look up the conference website. It'll (most likely) be where the information will be located, such as the conference location, days, timings, costs and such. Note down the registration dateline!
First, check ways of registration for that specific conference. Sometimes they require you to fill up a form, or send an email, or register with some platforms that are specially designed for MUN conference registration, like mymun.net.

Are you registering with your school or as an independent delegate? If you are going to the conference with your school, you probably have to submit your details to the person in-charge, whether it's a teacher or a student. Make payment on time.

In your registration form, you might be asked to state your council preferences. If you have know idea what it is, don't worry. Go to the website of the conference you're attending, there should be a page (or more) with brief background of different councils and the topics that would be addressed during the conference itself. Have a read on the different topics, and note those that you're interested in. Some of the conferences ask for your top three preferences, some ask for top five, some don't ask at all; it depends.

After you've successfully registered, you can wait for your allocations and study guide, which may be known between a few days to a couple of weeks.

To recap:
~Look up the conference details
~Briefly have an idea of various councils and their topics
~Submit registration details and make payment
~Wait for allocations and study guide

The next posts regarding researching, position papers and strategy paper will be up soon!

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