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MUN 101: Position Papers

You have your research notes. You have the stamina. Are you ready?

Before that, let's rewind. Brainstorm for solutions to your issues, those that your country should act in, improve on, and those that other countries and UN as a whole can do.

Okay. Open a blank Word Doc.

Format it like this:

My position paper is split into four sections.
Name, Committee, Country and Topic should be on the top corner

A: General overview and introduction of the topic
  • not too much because it’s already roughly covered in the study guide. 
  • Add definition if necessary, if better, UN’s definition. 
  • This should be the shortest paragraph

B: UN (or the regional body your council is in, like ASEAN or EU) and your country’s history with this issue, statistics and cases can be used. 
  • Any policies or laws? 
  • How successful were they? 
  • Are they still in place?
  • Discuss failures as well as successes. 
  • Any NGOs involved?
  • This should be the second longest paragraph.

but: if you have too many, only state those that are most important i.e. had the most impact/was most useful.

C: You country's current stance.
  • What's happening now?
  • What's the national policy that is adopted?
  • If your country hasn't been successful, give reasons for it, and proof that your country has been working on the issue.

D: Your country’s proposed solutions. 

  • Take these solutions that you came up with. 
  • Actions for your own country
  • Actions for UN sectors, NGOs, countries in the council
  • Are they feasible? 
  • Which sector should take action? 
  • If your country is relatively successful, are there any policies or laws that other countries can follow as an example?
  • What are the goals of your country?
  • This should take up the largest chunk in the paper.
E: Conclusion.
  • Keep it a short, simple and satisfying wrap-up.
I once used this:

Remember to:
  • format your position paper according to instructions, if any. For example, if they want a 1.5 spacing with Times New Roman font 11, stick to it.
  • check for any and all grammatical errors.
  • edit and ensure that it makes sense.
  • send in on time!
  • print it
You can use citations, but they are not necessarily required unless explicitly stated in the Rules of Procedure.

If possible, get your fellow delegates from your school delegation, head delegate, MUN teacher or any other experienced MUN person to read through and ask for feedback, edit where necessary.

A: General overview
B: UN and Country's history with that issue, resolutions, policies and laws related to the issue
C: Country's current stance, your country's beliefs, what's happening
D: Proposed solutions: for your country and other countries, your goals
E: Conclusion and wrapping up
Format, check, edit and send! Print it and put it in your conference binder (I will talk about it in future posts).

All the best on your position paper writing!

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