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MUN 101: What to Bring?

So it's a couple of days before the conference. You already wrote and submitted your position paper. You have you strategy paper done. Both papers printed and punched holes. Now what?

[The list below is what I usually bring, and it's for those who live in the area of the conference and don't have to stay in a hotel or go overseas etc.]

1. Folder 
(can be three hole or two hole or no hole), where you can organise your papers and store them in.

When I first went for conferences, I would be heavily prepared in terms of papers. So in my folder I would put into 5 categories:

1. Conference stuff. This includes:
  • To-bring list (lest I forget)
  • Conference schedule
  • Conference Rules of Procedure
2. Country factsheet
3. First topic:
  • Study guide of the first topic comes here.
  • Position paper for first topic
  • Any articles relating to this topic
  • Strategy paper for this topic
4. Second topic:

  • Study guide of the second topic comes here.
  • Position paper for second topic
  • Any articles relating to this topic
  • Strategy paper for this topic
5. Extra notepaper. Notes from previous days will be stored here, when I no longer need to refer to them.

2. Clipboard/ Notebook
Really, bring a bunch of papers to write on. Don't always expect the conference to give you notebooks, so bring one. Write your points down before your speech, write what other people said, write what you heard during unmoderated caucus. It is really important. 
Because I like to store/organise my papers somewhere after I don't refer to them, I use A4 lined paper for my notes and put it in a clipboard. When I'm done with it, I put it under section 5 of my folder.

3. Notepaper
You'll be needing this a lot, especially in a large council. Notes will be your best friend during council sessions. Some people like to use post-it notes, some with cute designs, others like to tear pieces from their A4 sized paper and write on them. 

4. Stationery
Pencils or pens, erasers or correction tape, highlighters, coloured pens, paper clips, stapler with extra stapler bullets will be useful. Coloured pens will be good when reading/debating on a draft resolution where the colours will stand out and you can refer to them easily.

5. Food 
  • Muesli, granola or energy snack bar in your bag in case you get hungry, or one of the mornings you don't have time for breakfast.
  • Some mints will be good if you're particularly worried about your breath.
6. Water bottle

7. USB drive
This is really important. When you want to submit your draft resolution or working paper, your chairs would usually want it in a USB drive. 

8. Watch
If you have one, it'll be good as use of electronics without chairs' permission is frowned upon, even if it's just checking the time.

9. Sweater
In case you get cold in your committee room even with your blazer/jacket on, you can wear it between your shirt and your blazer.

10. Your brain
This is especially important.

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