11/11/2015 09:22:00 am

Musings 006 | Birthday Wishes |

This is for a friend who's birthday was yesterday.

Nowadays, birthdays = messages on your Facebook wall, some even from people you hardly talk to. Sometimes it's just 2 words: Happy Birthday. You like their message on your wall and thank them, but that's it. Maybe one person in your Whatsapp group chat remembered today was your special day and wished you happy birthday in the chat group. Soon after many will follow. You won't know who really genuinely remembered, and who had to be reminded, by that friend, or by Facebook.

Though you might think otherwise, but birthdays become much less interesting, memorable. Last time when there was no Internet, no Facebook, no Whatsapp, we actually sent birthday cards and called the person to wish them a very happy birthday.

It's okay if you count the number of birthday messages, or even save them. It's for memory anyway.

Sometimes it's not the number of people who give you birthday wishes, it's the matter of who. Those who really care will remember even if you remove your birthdate from Facebook
 And for those who don't, even if you explicitly tell them the day before, they still won't remember. I personally only remember birthdays of my close friends and family members, for the others I need Facebook, social media, other friends and my planner to remind me.

Don't be sad because of those who didn't wish you happy birthday but rather, be happy and treasure those friends who remembered your birthday.


  1. I'm that person who never remembers anyone's birthday, unless they're a really close friend or a member of my immediate family. But the amount of people I wish happy birthday to is insane, because I have Facebook to remind me. Birthdays really have been unromanticized into these public bursts of popularity and social media - and I miss the days of cards and phone calls even if I never experienced them.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. It's the same for me for people's birthdays.
      It somehow just doesn't give you the same feeling any more.


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