7/06/2015 02:32:00 pm

Coffee-stained artwork (or similar) ✔ -Summer bucket list #32

I've seen beautiful artworks made from coffee stains. And I've added it onto my summer bucket list of 2015, hoping to do it.
And I did. 
But since I don't (usually, or allowed to,) drink coffee, I used Milo instead. [Milo is a chocolate drink, both hot and cold, made from Milo powder]

The first step-drink the Milo.
Stirred it with a bit too much force and *oops* it spilled.

Toothpick only to write the N

While waiting for the above artwork to try, I went to do some other stuff... and hours later I made another cup of Milo and took another sheet of paper. 

Finally dried.  I think it was a bit too condensed, you could see the dark colour, and the scent of chocolate was overwhelming I'm kind of worried it'll attract ants. 

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