7/27/2015 09:45:00 pm

Go hiking & have a campfire ✔ -Summer Bucket List #13 & #22

Photo and text credits by me

A couple of days ago I went hiking with some friends to a mountain which scaled 654m, and we covered a bit over 3km up (out of 5) and another 3 down due to time constraints.
I managed to get a bunch of nice shots though. 

Although I'm not sure if the campfire should be ticked because I don't think it's a legit campfire (built on a treetop hut with large bricks surrounding it). Maybe my idea of a campfire is literally twigs and newspapers on the ground set on fire.

Passed by some cows on the way there

More cows

(White butterfly, if you couldn't spot what I was trying to take)

People focus on the flower, I focus on the leaves which complement the flower.

 I like the rug

Said 'camp fire'. Cooking green bean soup. 

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