7/29/2015 10:01:00 pm

My blog is a private thing that is open to everyone...

Saw this on G+.....

You know I really appreciate my readers (even if I don't say it all the time).
Anybody is welcome to dig into my brain while it simultaneously vomits out any thoughts that seems intelligent, brilliant, random, or basically awesome musings and thoughts.

So you know I like to write.

Writing and I-our relationship is like my brother and I. Sometimes we get along fine and all. But there are times where every single thing is annoying. And I ignore him for awhile. But not long after we're okay... this is the story of me writing (as you can probably tell by the frequency and content of my posts).

I do like writing, believe me, I do, really. But even if you love doing something, you have to take breaks and do something else, because it's the rarity and in-frequentness of doing something that makes you treasure that thing more. Say, you like pizza (who doesn't?). If you eat pizza only during an occasion or once a month, you'll look forward to that meal. But if you eat it for every single meal, even if it's different toppings and even different brands, you'll eventually lose your love for that food and start to get sick and tired of it.

...And I'm straying away from the path, (as usual) (I hope not).

Usually I write articles with a (slightly) deep topic, like Will technology replace everything else in the future?WallflowersAsian/Ethic Names- struggles and what you should do about them, a short summary of an event or activity, or sometimes, fiction. But less of the latter. 

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