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Watch movies (in the cinema) ✔-Summer Bucket List #37

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Terminator Genysis
Jurassic World
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

1 July
With family.
Alright, maybe a 7/10, plot somewhat amusing but kind of bland as the witty parts are too far-spread apart (basically not enough). After the two Despicable Me movies I was slightly disappointed (from a teenager's perspective, mind you) but for those 5-11, it should be an entertaining, hilarious movie.
Quote: Banana!


4 July
~Terminator Genisys~
With friends.
8/10, I didn't watch the previous Terminators so I guess I can't compare. Though the plot was kind of rather confusing, there was some grin-cracking bits (e.g. Pop's grin), and I guess action packed. The overly complex plot tells you how you should enjoy this movie: keep looking forward and don't look back.
Quote: *traces a line on the palm of his hand* "A straight line. You keep moving forward and never look back."


8 July
~Jurassic World~
8.5/10. Didn't watch Jurassic Park prior to this either. Personally I found it quite good (for a dinosaur movie), the acting was good. There was less gore than expected (of a dinosaurs movie), the blood looked really fake, it was watery and ran down the glass door, like rainwater. The chomping up wasn't very realistic either, but it wasn't like I wanted the dinos to open their mouths and show us the remnants. In the beginning some people did really stupid and facepalm-worthy stuff (like you know they're gonna get eaten), and I didn't see the point of having the first scene (could have skipped straight to the airport scene). But the men I thought were 'bad guys' turned out to have rather acceptable ideas with good intentions which kinda helped solve the problem. There was brotherhood, and not too much romance (finally!) Though I have to say, the movie was badly ended. I mean, after the T-Rex killed got rid of the Insidious Rex, he just, what? Stumbled past the humans? And then later going up to the heli-pad and roaring? What does he think he is, a lion from The Lion King?
Quote: "A promise tomorrow is a lot less than trying today."

And what my friend and I realised, while watching Terminator and Jurassic World, was this:
Seat belt saves lives.
Really. Remember in Terminator, Kyle and Sarah were stuck in the bus that hung vertically, hooked onto the big bridge? If they hadn't put on their seatbelts, they'd be in the water.
And Jurassic World, there were many scenes that they survived because they put on their seatbelts. Take the glass-ball incident. Uh-huh.

31 July
~Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation~
9.5/10 Same as Terminator, didn't watch previous 4 Mission: Impossible movies but still thoroughly enjoyed this one. I loved the thrill, when they're running and somehow things go as planned and no (major guys) die. Absolutely none of those scenes (you know what I mean right, like the ones in Terminator where they... uhm uhm). The most was a hug, and was at the end. 


  1. Hello ^.^ I'm Stacy from my little talks over at from-stacy.blogspot.com. And I finally found the time to visit your blog. I've seen almost every movie that you posted here, except for the last one. And I like your reviews on them. It's also nice to know that Mission Impossible doesn't have much romance in it. It's a nice break from other movies, books, poetry, songs, etc. that emphasize a lot on romantic love.
    Also, your posts in general are very great in general.
    Have a great day/night.

    1. Thank you! (Apologies for the late reply)
      Have a great day/night to you too!


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