7/28/2015 10:25:00 pm

Wallpaper 1: Leadership

Please note this is Copyrighted 2015 myhopefulpencil
I spent quite a long while (around an hour or 45 minutes?) designing this wallpaper for my laptop (Macbook Pro Retina '13, 1200x800). I had made the template using www.wallpapersmaker.com/ to add the photo and choose the size, then I used Apple's Preview to add all the words with different fonts (I downloaded most of them online). The quotes are found in the post Leadership quotes

The reason I decided to do this (another form of procrastination uggh) is because lately I realised that I had taken up many roles which one may call a leader. And lately I've been questioning the term and wondering if I was a leader and or had leadership qualities. But then, what is the definition for both terms?

At first I had wanted to make a poster with leadership quotes, but then I realised it wasn't very feasible at the moment (since you know, I wanted it now), so here's the digital poster, put in my virtual 'room'. 
Also this design would also remind me to keep my desktop clean because if I had too many files lying around, I wouldn't be able to read the words. 
Now time to face my maths and chinese work head on.

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