7/10/2015 07:08:00 pm

Go swimming and biking ✔ -Summer Bucket List #17

9 July: Cycling. No matter how many times I cycle in the same path, I have new discoveries, new reasons to smile for the day. Today was no different. While cycling, I passed by a toddler and an adult, and the kid very excitedly waved to me and said very loudly, "Hi!" Of course I waved back. Next was two kids around 8ish, on my first round I waved to them and they said hi, on my second round I saw them again and we said hi again.

It's funny how small gestures from a random stranger can make your day.
Found quite a lot of really relatable and good cycling pics, enjoy:

10 July: Swimming
Covered 11 laps (1100 km), in around 30 minutes.

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