7/30/2015 01:43:00 pm

Vegetarian 'chicken shreds'

Just had a new discovery-these delicious awesome stuff which taste like shredded beef jerky (I think, haven't had them for a long while, even when I wasn't vegetarian).

It's slightly mustard-yellow in colour, long and sometimes tangled with other pieces.
The only problem is, I have no idea what the ingredients are because this was from my grandma, who got it from somebody else. So I'm going to find out what it is and (hopefully) be able to duplicate this snack.

I'm looking at the recipe for beef jerky now, and I think I have a rough idea of how this yellow snack was made. I think the base ingredient is mushroom (oyster mushroom, they have long and slightly thick stems which may be used for this), it was frozen, dried (oven? dehydrator?), with the soy sauce, margarine (?), pepper, salt, and some other stuff which I haven't figured out yet. Most probably not onion or garlic powder, because my grandma's vegetarian diet doesn't include them so it's most possibly not those two.

I will do so by continuously trying and tasting them and not give up. Not that it'll be easy to, this thing is super nice.

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