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Send my friends and I to Model UN conferences!


Who are we:

  • A group of high-school level homeschool students passionate about Model UN
What is Model UN:
  • Model United Nations (MUN) conferences is essentially a simulation of the United Nations, with students representing different countries and working together to solve issues pertaining to today’s world. 
  • Over the 3 day conference, we will debate on topics pertaining to the ASEAN region, from Promoting Indigenous ASEAN companies, to Responsibility for Historic War Crimes, to Protection of Minority Rights, and many many more. 

The Impact:

  • MUN provides students with the opportunity to strengthen and improve their public speaking, debating and writing skills and to come up with solutions to current political,social, cultural and economic issues. 
  • During these three days, we will be diplomats.
  • Students acquire and put forth their leadership, organisation, patience, teamwork and perseverance skills into good use through MUN conferences. We have already witnessed many good changes in students through MUN.
  • This year has been the first year in MUNning for all of us. Some of us have participated in up to 3 conferences this year, and are eagerly looking forward to the Model ASEAN conference [similar format to Model UN, except it is with countries in the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations)] in August. 
We need your help!
  • Unfortunately, Model UN conferences are quite expensive. We are rich in our enthusiasm and passion for MUN, as well as our curiosity and our strong urge to come up with solutions to solve global issues. We are not, however, rich in resources -- which is why we need your help. While many schools pay for their students’ conference fees, we as homeschoolers have to pay for the fees ourselves. We hope to get funding to ease the cost as we would like everybody to have the same opportunities to attend this upcoming conference, regardless of their economical situation. 
Now, we need your help to reach our goal. Your support will greatly help us further our experiences and skills, and we would really appreciate any amount you are willing to give. 
Every dollar counts. Rest assured that your kind donations will go towards delegate and school fees for the conference. Any extra funding will go towards the fees for future conferences. 

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Help spread the word on this project by sharing it with your friends and family, on social media! We really appreciate your support.
    We will add you, your company name or social media name to below as our generous and awesome contributors :)

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