7/27/2015 11:08:00 am

Handwriting fonts

So recently I have been quite occupied, even though it's the summer holidays and all. I have been doodling. Well, it's more of typography or handwriting words in different fonts, and I call this 'good procrastination'. Why? Because even though I did this small activity in attempt to delay and postpone my legit (not-so-interesting) work and other activities, it was productive in the sense that I had produced a result that I was proud of. 

Here is one of the results of my hard work:

Copyrighted myhopefulpencil 2015, thank you very much.
I found some fonts online and printed them out, but I didn't trace them (I copied them though).

And while doing that I had a question: would computer-designed, computer arranged fonts and letters replace handwritten typography?
It already is, I'm thinking.
If you want some nice, nicely decorated letters for your poster for your presentation, what do you do? You go to the computer, press the keys for the letters you want, click print, and the printer gives you your piece of paper with the 'nice-font words'.

I like doing this -handwriting fonts- because I like it. The process of pencilling the fonts, then erasing the pencil markings and then using a black pen to draw it out, and looking at the results and thinking, now that's worth my time.

And even though it may take around an hour for this piece of paper to come to life, it was rather worth it. It's kinda indescribable feeling- maybe artists feel it when the conjure up their artwork- you get to think. Besides making sure your hand is holding the black pen or pencil is in the correct place and not crossing the lines, your mind is free to wander around. That's what I like about this new-found hobby (well not really new-found but you get the idea).

And no, I'm not an artist. I just like to do this form of art, and only this.

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