7/23/2015 04:05:00 pm

SG50 Shirts for sale!

National Day is less than a month away and what better way to show your patriotism by wearing SG50 t-shirts? 
The 16 Raw Potatoes are marketing these uniquely designed SG-50 T-shirts, which you can’t find anywhere else. I'm a part of 16 Raw Potatoes, a group of teenagers organising homeschool events. 

As you can see, the shirt fits very comfortably.

These t-shirts are only $12, and for every shirt sold, $2 will be channeled towards our fund for Homeschool Concerts and other events. 

The t-shirts are in sizes for 8-14 year olds, in boys and girls designs. I've included the chart here for your reference:

The photo of the shirt is on our website: http://www.16rawpotatoes.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

Hope to see lots of people walking around in those fantastic shirts! 

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