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Asian/Ethic Names- struggles and what you should do about them

Recently I watched this video:

In short, it shows people sharing their thoughts and experiences with their ethnic/Asian names. One of them said he gave himself an English name and people know him as that. A couple of them admitted that they had thought about changing their names (into English names). 

I know people who have had that experience (introducing themselves with another name that's not theirs).

What is the reason? 

Apparently when they tell someone they've just met, "Hi, I'm (Insert Asian name here)." And most times, with the other party not being Asian (or of the same culture as the Asian), they other party struggles to pronounce the Asian's name. Of course, I don't blame them. If you told me to that your name was, something uncommon and a bit harder to pronounce, and I've just heard of it, say,  GUINEVERE  or IGNATIUS (not meant to target anyone in specific), I wouldn't actually pronounce it correctly on the first (couple) of tries. I'm sorry, but it's true.

So sometimes the friends just cannot remember your name, or pronounce it wrongly, some Asians just give up trying to remind their friends or correct their pronunciation. The next time they meet someone new, they'll be like, "Hi, my name is (insert new English name here)." 

You know what I think? I think you should keep your name. You should still try reminding and correcting their pronounciation of your name, like in this video:
He also mentioned that some Indians instruct the foreigners how to pronounce their names. That's what you should be doing. If they are your friend, colleague,  or going to be working with you for awhile, chances are, they will put effort into learning your name, and soon they'll be calling you your real name.

Like what Ki Hong Lee, the actor of Minho in Maze Runner said in #IAm Ki Hong Lee Story,

"Make them learn your name. If you're good enough, and if you're talented enough, and you been around for awhile, they will learn your name."

Why should you do that? 
1. Your name is unique! There are many Johns, Keiths, Hannahs... (again, not meaning to target anyone in specific). But there is only a little people who you share your name.
2. Meaning. Your name has significance. The parents gave their child the name, and they hope that the child possess the quality or trait that the name means. Sometimes, the child becomes what their name mean.  
3. If your parents gave your name, cherish it! Your name is what makes you, you. It connects you to your culture, your history. 

You should be proud of your name. 

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