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Model United Nations

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Referring to the The time I was proud of something I did- Model United Nations, I had attended my first Model United Nations Conference feeling very prepared- thanks to the researching and websites that I found. I'm not only talking about the facts and topics of the issue or your country, but also attire, attitude, preparation-wise.

I found Best Delegate extremely useful and prepares me mentally.

Five Western Business Attire Tips for Female Delegates gives you a more specific explanation, compared to the 'Attire: Formal Business Attire' you usually get in the instructions emails. Yeah, for guys it's relatively informative- formal shirt, tie and trousers, and shoes. Not for girls though.

If you're looking at winning any awards during the conference, this link A Good Delegate and The Best Delegate: Key Differences gives you tips and compares the points of a good delegate and a delegate that stands out. 

Body language: Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Body Language in MUN- Part 1, Hands and Body Language in MUN Part 2: Arms and Legs

And during the last day or last session, if you manage to submit a joke resolution,

And after the whole MUN conference, you still might have the impulse of writing a note to a classmate, or referring yourself in third person. That means that you, my friend, are suffering from Post MUN Syndrome (PMS). I have written a resolution about it: Post MUN Syndrome-The Resolution.

After attending number of MUNs, you'll probably be able to recognise a few types of delegates, which I've written about here: Types of People you meet at MUN,
Best Delegate quiz: What type of MUN delegate are you?
(Me: The Negotiator)
And some posts from munplanet.com:
A Typical Model UN Conference Story Told Through 15 Obama GIFs,
4 Types of Newbie MUNers
8 Types of MUN speeches

I find this post really relatable (especially since I'm a Potterhead): 17 ways you know you did Model UN

A couple of funny and interesting tumblr/blogs on Model UN:
MUNchkin delegates
The MUNblr
F yeah model un

Here's the link to my second MUN experience, and third MUN
Hope the links helped! If you have any websites/sources which helped you in your MUN preparation, feel free to share below :)

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