9/16/2015 06:25:00 pm

Writing and Me

Why am I doing this? Why do I constantly update my blog with posts, articles, briefings of my life?

It's because I like to write.

At first it was just the normal stuff, like writing stories, sometimes poems if I couldn't really thread them together in sentences and chunks of paragraphs. Then writing English essays became slightly appealing. After being exposed to different kinds of writing and the details of it, like persuasive, argumentative, informative, all that sort, I started writing articles on this blog, about various stuff and my opinion on them.

Now it was Chinese essays, I had just finished one and somehow I felt a sense of satisfaction with my three page, 1000+ word 作文 (Zuòwén). I never thought I'd get this feeling for this subject.

Perhaps it was being able to explain things in detail in places I wanted to, or maybe it was being able to compare the topic to a verb or a thing that made it interesting. Explaining something to someone else verbally was, and is, not my strong point. Trying to make a point across can be a rather challenging task, especially when your brain doesn't cooperate and neither does your mouth. You think one thing and say that thing, but somehow people don't understand that thing, so you have to try to use another way to phrase that thing which makes it more complicated. Are you even with me now?

Yes. And I'm done.
Don't look so surprised.

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