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Second MUN experience

This is a bit late (three weeks plus) but here it is.
Last weekend, I attended my second Model United Nations (MUN) conference. This one was smaller-scale, with 4 committees. This MUN was really fun and enjoyable compared to the first one, (not that the first one wasn't fun. Believe me, it was).

I represented the Federal Republic of Brazil, and my committee was Infocomm. The topic we had to bicker upon was International Regulations of Cyberwarfare. Three other homeschoolers (one of whom was my brother) were also in the committee, representing Australia, Jordan and Switzerland.
I didn't find much interesting information about Brazil and it's stance, besides the hackings taken place before the World Cup.

The first (out of three) committee sessions were somewhat serious and we formed blocs to start writing resolutions. It was alright....

The second session after lunch was slightly more enriching and we submitted our resolution, which was introduced.

Somewhere in between introducing the resolution, debating upon the resolution and the unfriendly amendments, there was a crisis *gasps*.  What I understood about the crisis from my first MUN, was: okay,  a crisis is a stimulation of something that happens 'real time' and we have to be quick to solve the problem by submitting a resolution. 

In short, we all (well most of us) submitted a resolution that was really vague but since the chair only gave us 20 (yes twenty, ten times two, four times five) minutes and we decided that this reso was only for this specific crisis only.

Socials at the end of the evening was... for me, awkward and boring (yeah, but I'm not exactly a dance-party person, only with selective close friends).

I would unhesitantly say that the third and final session on the second day was undoubtedly the most fun and interesting session and part of the whole Model UN conference.
The delegate of US, Australia, UK, among others, had submitted a resolution the previous day, but only US was present to introduce. While the delegate of US was debating on the resolution, this delegate of Brazil had already started to draft a joke resolution. After all, what's MUN without a joke reso?

After circulating my laptop among some of the delegates (our chairs were so awesome so as to allow laptops in session), we submitted the joke resolution, just like we would do with a proper one. I main-submitted it, and it was really really hilarious.

The last clause was:
Strongly encourages all delegates to eat mac and cheese when they get home.

Then the delegate of France submitted an unfriendly amendment- to change 'mac and cheese' to 'kimchi'. We then debated on that, and that amendment was not in order.

That resolution brings back so much memories of laughter and fun in MUN, I printed it out and put it on the wall in the study.

After the closing ceremony, the committees went for group lunch outings. We headed to the food court at the mall nearby. Lunch was... let's say it was punny and enjoyable with all those people. One of them bought a mac and cheese from the western store, and insisted that everybody take a bite of the 'honorary mac and cheese' to support the last clause of the resolution.

This delegate would like to announce that she still has Post MUN Syndrome (visit the Post MUN Syndrome Reso here).

This delegate thinks that this time, the committee was much smaller (maybe four or five times), the chairs were more understanding, and also, all of us had more than one chance to speak, per session. We had a chance to contribute in writing a resolution, or even co-submit one. The size of the committee, as well as the chemistry of the committee together made my second MUNning experience really really fun, enjoyable and memorable.

Did I mention that my brother was in the committee too? He was the delegate of Switzerland. It is really hilarious because Switz is the neutral party, even in cyberwarfare, but during committee sessions he had a lot of 'objections!!!' and such. He was "quite good", for a first-timer and his age as well (not my words, other's), and during socials some took photos with him o.O xD.

This delegate would like to yield the remaining time back to the chair.

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