1/30/2015 10:36:00 pm

Post MUN Syndrome Symptoms- The Resolution

Resolution Topic: Post MUN Syndrome Symptoms

Committee: Model United Nations Post Mun Syndrome sufferers (MUNPMSS)

Sponsors: Uganda, Oman,

Signatories: Lithuania, Iran, Zimbabwe, Sweden

-Taking into account that this delegate strongly feels the impulse to write and send a note whenever there is a need to communicate with persons near him/her,
- Emphasizes that this delegate would sometimes unintentionally brings up Motions and Points outside of MUN,
-Fully aware that the homeschool delegation has been making country and committee puns, Israel-ly funny, we’re absolutely Syria’s,
-Noting with deep concern that this delegate constantly misses the feeling of raising and waving the placard, hoping to be called upon,
-Acknowledges missing hearing everyone's different accents,
-Affirms that this delegate misses the chairs and them saying "Delegates, laughing is not in order", especially if they have laughed or smiled a bit,
-Stressing that joke resos are the best of them all,
-Deeply unconscious that this delegate constantly unthinkingly refers herself in third person;
-Recalling the post of the delegate of Oman regarding Post MUN Syndrome Symptoms,
-Taking into account that this delegate is writing her post in resolution format,

1. Encourages fellow delegates to discuss about MUN, evoking feelings of nostalgia, on platforms such as but not limited to:
i) Social media:
a) Facebook,
b) Instagram,
c) Twitter,
ii) Meet-ups,
iii) Whatsapp chat groups, where delegates can have council sessions with GSL and moderated caucus, with Spain and Bulgaria chairing and moderating the session;

2. Strongly recommends delegates to sign up for the next MUN in their area, if the situation permits.

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