1/30/2015 10:25:00 pm

The time I was proud of something I did- Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is a stimulated conference for students to get to know the workings of United Nations. Less than a week ago, I had attended my first every MUN, a large-scale one. In Model United Nations conference, I was told that we would debate, speak and generally discuss issues which were related to our committees that we were allocated to. Students would role-play as delegates representing our various countries. We also had to write up resolutions with clauses that included our solutions to the issue, during the conference, with other countries with similar stances as ours. We had two topics to prepare for.

I was part of the Homeschool delegation, and the day before the conference we had a briefing session conducted by our head delegate. We were encouraged to share our goals and what we wanted to accomplish during the conference. My goals were to speak once each day, and also hoped to be part of a resolution.

During the conference that spread across two and a half days, I set out determined to accomplish my goals and maybe hoped to do more. During the first day I had intentions to speak but due to time constraints, my turn to speak was postponed to the next day. I was excited for my turn to speak, yet apprehensive. However my speech was, according to some fellow delegates, ‘very good’, and I was satisfied.

On the night of the second day, I had liaised with other delegates to form a bloc, which was a group, to write up a resolution for the second topic. Prior to the conference, I had done a great deal of research on the second topic, so when some of the delegates lamented about the fact that we wouldn’t cover much of the second topic because of time constraints, I went home and drafted a resolution, with the help of another delegate. I was determined not to let my research on the topic and how to write resolutions go to waste.

The next day, after we had finally cleared the first topic, we were left with one session to debate on the second topic. Before the last session commenced, I was gathering delegates to have a look at my resolution. Before I knew it, another delegate had taken over the laptop that had the resolution, auditing the clauses, and a large group had gathered around her, reading the resolution and showing their support for it.

I was beyond elated. I had not only accomplished my goals, but went even further- to write a resolution! My co-writer delegate and I were commenting at the sight, and she remarked, “Feels like a big boss, seeing so much enthusiastic support on our hard work.” Indeed, my tiredness from having four hours of sleep that night was worth it. Even though we did not introduce the resolution due to time constraints, I was still extremely proud of what we did. 

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