9/14/2015 12:20:00 pm

New School Year!

Summer's over and gone.

Today is the first day of the autumn term.

School is starting.

And though my Chinese and Maths was still ongoing during the summer holidays, today will be the official start of the new term. No more playing the piano whenever I feel like it. No more procrastination.

Back to rushing assignments, hours of sitting at the desk staring at the virtual classroom (okay the most is 2 hours with a break in between). Back to speaking to the computer which is actually speaking to my teacher and classmates.

Back to school.

I guess I spent my summer quite okay-ly.. it really depends on how I judge on how my summer went-is it by the number of ticks I have on my Summer Bucket List? Or is the whether I touched my Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English during these two months? How many photos I took? How much I wrote?

So my bucket list wasn't 100% completed but 31/39 is not too bad.

Now it's back to planning my schedule for the next three months.
Stop procrastinating.

a. Organise my desktop ✔ just did it:
See the cool folder icons? I downloaded them here  (hint: the download link is on the right sidebar). The photo was taken by me sometime ago. Hopefully the desktop will stay this clean throughout the year.

b. Write up my schedule for the term __ halfway done though.
c Clean my table and study space __ it's kinda clean already.
d. Pin up the A3 size Periodic Table __ (note to self-buy blu-tac to do that)

Goals for this school year:
I've made it (hopefully) easier by adding how I could reach that goal and how I would know I reached it.

1. Focus in class.
How: just focus lor. Don't get distracted.
Proof: I learn something

2. Contribute more in class-ask questions, answer questions
How: always think why and because. 
Proof: teacher says so in progress report.

3. Hand in assignments before the dateline. 
How: Plan assignments with extra time before the dateline, do the work as soon as possible so as to remember what I learnt in class. 
Proof : Work handed in.

4. Procrastinate less or not at all
How: finish one task at a time.  To-do list. Read my own blog post about procrastination. Close the laptop, put the phone outside. 
Proof: Work done.

5. Elaborate. Explain. Expand. For almost everything, actually. 
How: remember to do it.
Proof: longer answers.

6. To retain what I learnt throughout the year.
How: Revise.
Proof: Test results.

7. Maintain a balance between school and other stuff
How: still go for choir, MUNs (less though), play piano, read, swim etc.
Proof: -

8. Start on my college portfolio (in case I decide to go to US to study)
(This is more of a to-do thing)

9.  Prepare for tests and try not to let them go below a B for all
Physics: A*
Chemistry: A
Biology: A-/A
English (no tests)
Chinese: A
Maths: A

10. Survive. 
How:  Do the things listed above and  don't stress.

Here's some quotes and stuff for the new school year:

"Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later."
- Dana Stewart Scott

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it."
- Albert Einstein

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