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They say third time's the charm

This 3rd MUN (Model United Nations conference) was definitely the one I had put the most time, effort, stress in, and also got the most learning experience and fun.

First, there's the Rojak delegation. 
[Sidenote-for those who's not familiar with the term, Rojak is a dish commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It's put together with fruits, vegetables, peanut bits, dough fritters, sweet sauce, shrimp paste and some other ingredients, depending on where it's from. Rojak is the Malay term for 'mixture'.]
Fruit Rojak commonly found in Singapore. This contains cucumbers, pineapples, beansprouts, dough fritters (tau pok or you tiao), peanuts, sweet sauce and shrimp paste, turnip, lotus,  sometimes mangoes and green apples. ]
We called ourselves Rojak because we were all from different backgrounds, different schools, different ages and had all different personalities, yet we were so united as a delegation. Trying to get everybody together and registering them as a delegation was really no easy task for the weak-hearted. But it was worth it, I guess.

My partner and I spent quite a lot of time working on the position paper, editing, adding stuff, editing so many times until I just stared at the screen with a blank look. The night of the position paper dateline, all of us were chionging (rushing) them, and it was quite a fun feeling actually, like when my partner and I were done with ours, we decided to stay up for awhile more to help the others. 

The thing about double delegation, is that if you and your partner need to have some chemistry (as partners and friends DUH), be understanding of each other, and be equally hardworking. We share the job, the speeches, the lobbying, and the jokes. We're a team.

I think what made this MUN more significant, besides the fact that I was (somehow) head delegate of Rojak delegation, was my chairs, My council's head chair was my chair from my first MUN, and the co-chair was my chair from my second MUN. It was a great experience to be under their charing again.

The second day was crisis. And during the later sessions we were getting slightly restless, because we couldn't submit the draft resolution until all the crisis updates had finished. In her speech, Cuba brought up the harmful effects of radiation, such as genetic mutation, and stated that one of the good solutions to radiation was to plant sunflowers. Sunflowers thrive among radiation, and by planting them we could rid a considerable amount of radiation in the air, and also make the scenery prettier. Spain (me) later agreed on Cuba's solution, and added that sunflowers could also produce sunflower oil, which would improve the economy. Sunflowers need people to take care of them, so by hiring the unemployed, we could solve the problem of income inequality. 

Debating on things like income inequality, minimum wage, the root of corruption, and nuclear fallout, to water, sanitation and hygiene, education, women's rights, really bonded us as a council over 4 days. On the 5th, we were quite eager to pass the resolution for the 2nd topic and introduce joke resolution, which (I personally think) the chairs found funny as well. 

Miraculously (and also probably due to the awesome chairs who let us move into voting procedure quickly), we completed our two topics within 5 days, 25.5 hours, 11 council sessions, and still had time for superlatives and joke resolution (which the chairs took very seriously and Spain urged the council to realise that it was the best resolution as it addresses both topics with great solutions).

I say third time's the charm not just because of my awesome delegation or fantastic council, but also because of my learning experience and also award. Spain got best position paper, which I was really surprised because we never expected that.

Compared to the past two ones I had attended previously, this one was more academically intense (and also joke-resolution intense), and I really learnt a lot from it. I had really exceeded my comfort zone in this MUN. I especially enjoyed writing the joke reso with Australia and agreeing with Cuba on sunflowers and cacti.

Thank you honourable chairs and fellow delegates, for a great, productive, engaging, entertaining SMUN experience.
Since Spain strongly emphasizes on education, hence I would like to wish everybody the best in their studies (and MUN). Let’s hope we meet soon in future MUNs!
This delegate would like to introduce resolution on the topic of Post MUN Syndrome. (tinyurl.com/postmunsyndromereso)

I quite like long MUNs, I think I have the stamina for it.

I realised that even though some delegates in this MUN are more rigorous, that helped (forced) my partner and I to take our MUN skills to a higher level and I kinda forced myself to think deeper into the topic. So don't just go for MUNs that people claim are 'suitable for your age', challenge yourself and you will benefit.

I met so many new friends, mostly older than me, and they said Spain was 'adorable' UHM EXCUSE ME!!! And 'the older one (delegate) looks younger',  which was hilarious.

Now if anyone mentions corruption, income inequality or water, sanitation and hygiene, my attention goes there. 

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