9/05/2015 10:32:00 pm

5 September Post

Today I was weirdly restless. It's a horrible feeling- you know you have work to do but you procrastinate.

In the morning I was kind of rather productive-I laminated and trimmed the photos that I printed (one more tick off my Summer Bucket List), and then used tape to put it all together. I put the landscape ones together and taped it such that it was a long strip, and did the same for the portrait photos. Isn't that productive?

Following that I finished my Chinese essay on the topic of (roughly translated) Many people believe earning lots of money is the most important goal. Do you agree or not, and why? Two pages.

After that was blegh. I wanted to start on my other chinese essay which was a formal email, sort of like a 'complaint' email about some TV Show which wasn't too appropriate for young adults. It's much more complicated than it sounds, and though it was already discussed with my teacher, I still was quite iffy about doing it.

I then looked at some room/wall designs on Pinterest.

Anyway... I went for a 1 hour bike ride around my estate, so I guess that was semi-productive?

It's not that I don't have anything to do, rather I just don't have the motivation to do, and also I also don't understand most parts (for example, maths).

I wanted to draw more fancy words, but the fine tip pens had run out of ink just yesterday, so I could only draft them with pencil first. But...

(Sorry to bore you with this boring post, with a boringer title.)

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